The Singapore Arts Festival

The Singapore Arts Festival is one of the most awaited annual arts gatherings in the world. It started in 1977 which showcases the local arts in Singapore and for years it became to be Singapore’s iconic symbol that reflects the country’s cultural and artistic life. From a local art festivities Singapore arts festival gradually transformed the city to become one of Asia’s cultural capital today.The National Arts Council organizes the annual art activities which is held during mid-year with month-long activities of theater arts, visual arts, musical shows, and dance festivities. The art celebrations used to be a local celebration by region in Singapore but as it became grown to be popular throughout the world international artists began to participate with the event. The Singapore arts festival has a touch of Asian culture with distinctive contemporary arts.Organizers of the Singapore Arts Festival take the extra effort of planning non-stop activities to entertain people from various countries who are expected to participate and visit Singapore for their most-awaited art festival. They plan specific venues which they call the Festival Village at the Esplanade Park where wonderful artworks are showcased and different stage performances are held for quality entertainment. Spectacular shows are held in the village including stage performances, art gallery exhibits, and other striking installation of cultural and art displays. For better entertainment among the visitors the organizers usually allow guests to make their own art for souvenirs. Workshops, salon sessions, and master classes are also available.For better convenience, the organizers of the Singapore Arts Festival also provide a one-stop shop that caters to the needs of the festival guests where they can buy tickets for their favorite shows, read about the history and other relevant information about the festival and buy limited edition of Singapore Arts Festival merchandise.The festival also opens an avenue for children to learn different works of art and to discover their ability to become artistic. The festival is a perfect occasion to encourage young artists to develop their craft and discover their talents in art. Children as young artists are able to learn to become more creative and improve their skills as they discover their potential as artists. The Kids Arts Village is also located at the Festival Village at the Esplanade Park. What makes this undertaking more fun and interesting is that the activities are managed, curated, and performed by children themselves. There are great foods and drinks available during the festival too on top of the wonderful entertainment for all ages.Because the Singapore Arts Festival has become an international event, the Artsfest Club was created in order to provide better services and benefits to those who intend to attend and participate to the event. Members enjoy the privilege of booking their favorite art shows at wonderful discounts with a seat reservation benefit. They are also updated with the latest activities during the festival through email and enjoy more discount privileges on other merchandise and festival activities. With good food, wonderful work of art, galleries, and international performances combined, the Singapore arts festival is no doubt one of the most awaited Asian cultural and art festivities by many.

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How Skin Conditions and Vitamin D Deficiency Affect Your Skin

I don’t know a thing about you, but I’ll tell you if wanting to learn about skin conditions and vitamin D deficiency affects on your skin, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Those of us that are concerned about the negative affects that UV rays have on the skin’s health are in a bit of a quandary. How do we protect ourselves from wrinkles caused by sun damage and skin-cancer, without also risking vitamin D deficiencies? Here’s what I’ve learned.There are five layers of the epidermis, the outermost of the skin’s layers. Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is produced in the two deepest layers, when pre-vitamin D3, found in the epidermis, is exposed to UVB rays from the sun. UVB rays do not penetrate beneath the epidermis, but UVA rays do. Most sunscreens on the market, particularly the thinner ones that are found in many skincare products designed for daily use, only block UVB rays.Since UVA rays penetrate more deeply, they cause cancer in the dermis layer that is even more dangerous than squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas. Those types of cancers occur in the epidermis.So, the first point, if you are concerned about skin conditions and vitamin D, is to recognize that most sunscreens inhibit the skin’s ability to produce D3, but they do not block the hazardous UVA rays from the sun. It takes a broad spectrum sun-block like zinc oxide to do that.In light skinned individuals, it takes about 20 minutes of UV exposure to reach maximum D3 production. In darker skinned individuals, it takes 3-6 times longer. Although supplements can cause toxicity, overexposure to sunlight does not. Because, once equilibrium is reached the vitamin is degraded. In other words, the body will only produce what it needs.There is research concerning specific skin conditions and vitamin D supplementation. Psoriasis, for example, is known to improve with cholecalciferol supplementation. A chronic like of cholecalciferol intake plays a role in chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, tuberculosis, cancer, gum disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, depression, heart disease and Parkinson’s. In other words, this vitamin is extremely important to our continued health and well-being.To protect yourself from skin-cancer, without risking deficiency, use a broad spectrum sun-block when you expect to spend more than 20 minutes in the sun. Do not rely on sunscreens in cosmetics to protect you from skin-cancer. If you have very limited exposure to sunlight, take a supplement that contains D3.As far as age-related skin conditions and vitamin D are concerned, use a daily moisturizer that contains the antioxidants coenzyme Q10 and natural vitamin E. In most be specially formulated or it will not penetrate through the epidermis and into the dermis to fight cancers that can occur in those layers. Antioxidants are our best defense against cancers of kinds, but the natural concentration in our cells is lower as we age.Make no mistake about it. With an effective moisturizer and a reasonable amount of sunlight and/or supplementation, our worries about age-related skin conditions and vitamin D deficiencies are over. Aren’t you glad that you took the time to read this article?

Home Improvement Do-It-Yourself Opportunities That Any Homeowner Can Benefit From

There are many advantages that a person can benefit from when pursuing the possibility of improving their home. These enhancements have a significant effect on the home environment, including increasing property value, improving home appeal, as well as increasing the comfort for any current residents. One of the greatest options you can pursue when considering home improvement is the do-it-yourself option.The following identifies four opportunities any homeowner can take advantage of to discover these improvement benefits and avoid the high costs of professional services.PaintingPainting represents one of the simplest opportunities an individual can take advantage of in order to completely alter the look of a room. Many homeowners have pursued the opportunities of professional painters in order to accomplish this task and found it to be an incredible waste of money, considering the simple steps that are involved in any painting project. It is highly recommended when painting that you make the decision to do this project on your own and follow the simple steps of preparation, priming, and painting.FlooringFlooring is another do-it-yourself home improvement opportunity that many individuals can accomplish on their own, without the need of a professional resource. While there are some flooring projects far more complex, where professional aid may be recommended, taking advantage of opportunities such as simple tile installation or carpeting are simple steps you can complete on your own.Air/Heater InstallationAny home is instantly improved when they take advantage of the opportunities that exist with installing air conditioners or heating resources. This can dramatically alter the environment of a home, as you take advantage of comfortable temperatures that will prove highly beneficial, whether you are a living in this environment yourself or looking to sell a home. There are many opportunities available for individuals to take advantage of with this installation opportunity, creating a unique do-it-yourself potential.ShelvingThe final opportunity a large number of individuals can take advantage of, when looking into the possibilities that exist with home improvement, is found with shelving. There is a large attraction that exists when a homeowner is able to construct custom-made shelving to fit a specific room environment. Not only will this prove beneficial to the current owner, it will also prove to be a highlight for any new individuals, looking to make an investment into this property. One of the greatest options you can pursue when considering home improvement is the do-it-yourself option.